Dog Soldiers
Six Soldiers. Full Moon. No chance.
( Action / Horror )

Dog Soldiers Poster

MPAA Rating:
[strong violence/gore and language]

US Runtime: 105 min

Premiere Date:
Mar 31, 2002   [UK]
Director: Neil Marshall
Writer: Neil Marshall   [written by]
Music by Mark Thomas   [original music]
Edited by: Neil Marshall


Sean Pertwee as Wells
Kevin McKidd as Cooper
Emma Cleasby as Megan
Liam Cunningham as Ryan
Thomas Lockyer as Bruce
Darren Morfitt as Spoon
Chris Robson as Joe
  Leslie Simpson as Terry
Tina Landini as Camper
Craig Conway as Camper
Bryn Walters as Werewolf
Brian Claxton Payne as Werewolf
Ben Wright as Werewolf

Special Effects:

Image FX

Filming Locations:

  • Luxembourg
  • Scotland, UK

Tech Info:

  • Color Info: Color
  • Sound Mix: the double-d symbol Dolby Digital
  • Film Negative Format: 35 mm
  • Printed Film Format: 35 mm


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